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A journey has begun, to capture ephemeral revelations. The world is an imaginary playground for curious minds, with constant hunger and foolishness.

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Route 66

Route 66, Arizona, USA 2015 [...]

Partial Storm 2

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA 2015 [...]

Partial Storm

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA 2015 [...]

Weekend Project #1

Singapore 2015 (c) Danny [...]

Vision of Freedom

Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA 2015

Deep Impact

Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA 2015 [...]

Stairway to Nirvana

Bagan, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Tribal Beauty

Inle, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Crossing The Bridge

Crossing The Bridge Inle, Myanmar [...]

Long Neck Lady

Inle, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Two Dancers

Peacock Dance (ram-nok-king-kala) Bagan, Myanmar 2013 [...]

Portrait of a Young Monk

Young Buddhist Monk Bagan, Myanmar 2013 [...]

Shadow over the Shade

Top View [...]

Submersing thought

Bagan, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Baloons Over Bagan

Bagan, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Entangled Story

Inle, Myanmar 2013 (c) Danny [...]

Entangled Story

Are we human.. or are we dancers.. or merely shadows (Bagan, Myanmar 2013) […]

Silent Conversation

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangoon - Myanmar [...]

Steps of Enlightenment

Cast of light and distorted shadows were accompanying the silent steps of liberation.. or was it a devotion? Such an illustrious idea  to be bounded, by the idea of freedom. (Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangoon 2013) […]

Fishermen Story

Mũi Né, Vietnam 2012 [...]


An imaginary gaze, watching effeminate curves rose out of the grains of sand and dunes. Just like a graceful muse, as she was delivering a new life that sprung for no reasons. (Mũi Né, Vietnam 2012) […]

Grains of Time

Reminiscing of all of the past lives that had concluded,  the remains that were crumbling.. falling to the ground as grains of sands within a celestial hourglass. (Mũi Né, Vietnam 2012) […]

View from Above

A Glimpse of Caodaism (Tây Ninh, Vietnam 2012) […]

"Perfection is overrated, get over [...]


Ljubljana, Slovenia 2012  […]

The Departure

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic 2012 […]

Via Dolorosa – Golgota

Sagrada Familia , Barcelona 2012 [...]

The Last Portrait

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 2012 […]

The Great Fisherman

He said to them, “Come follow Me, and I will make you the fishers of people!” (Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 2012) […]

Construction of Faith

Sagrada Familia Barcelona 2013 (c) Danny [...]


Baoan Temple Taipei, Taiwan 2012 (c) [...]

The Grand Memorial

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall [...]

Light and water stream

 Taroko Gorge National Park Taiwan 2012 [...]

Frozen Layers of Time

 South Rim - Grand Canyon [...]

The Edge of life

 South Rim - Grand Canyon [...]

The Forgotten Stream of Time

 South Rim - Grand Canyon [...]

The Apsara


“Coz ain’t no such thing as black and white here”

Las Vegas 2012   […]




 Sunset at Kuta Bali, Indonesia 2011 [...]

View from above

Mount Agung Bali, Indonesia 2011 (c) [...]

Sunset in your eyes

 Sunset Komodo Island, Indonesia 2011 (c) [...]

Way of the Dragons – Eat, Love & Prey


The Dragons

Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia 2011 […]

“School” of Fish

Learning a little bit about [...]

The Edge

Mount Kinabalu (4095m) […]

Kinabalu Sunrise

Mount Kinabalu (4095m) Sabah,  Malaysia 2012 [...]

Kinabalu in Black and White

  Mount Kinabalu (4095m) Sabah, [...]

Himalayan Sunset

 Poon Hill (3210m) Himalaya,  Nepal [...]

Golden Peak

Macapuchare, Himalaya […]

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